The Benefits of Essential Oils

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Healing scented candles 

Hands up who loves gorgeous scented candles and melts?

They are also the perfect gift to give someone - a light beacon in darker times.

 Enliven Essential Oil Candle

But why do people sometimes get headaches from burning candles? Or they start to feel nauseous.

This is likely to be because of the ingredients used in particular the fragrance or perfume.  A fragrance is a man-made synthetic chemical perfume blend.

This is why some people prefer to use essential oils which are pure plant extracts made often by steam distilling flowers, bark, roots, leaves, peel, seeds depending on the plant.

It is the essential oils in plants that give them their own smell and flavour. They contain the essence of nature.

When you smell a gorgeous bunch of Roses or walk in a field full of Lavender or rub some Rosemary sprigs when in the garden, the smell it releases is the essential oil.

Aromatherapy or using essential oils is a thousand years old healing technique used to enhance physical and psychological health and wellbeing. The individual chemical constituents give the essential oils the healing properties used as remedies for many common ailments.

Essential oils and aromatherapy has many more benefits than just a lovely smell.

Each essential oil has their own healing properties and by blending a combination of oils you can create a gorgeous candle with an amazing healing scent.

Depending on the individual essential oils used, you can create an individual healing blend for the purpose you want.  This could be uplifting or invigorating to stimulate, or relaxing or soothing oils to calm and slow the mind, concentrate and focus, boosting immunity, regulating hormones and much more.

How do you use essential oils?

Through the skin:
Aromatherapy massage where essential oils are added to the massage medium for absorption through the skin.

Essential oil melts

Through inhalation:
The quickest way for an essential oil to get into the system is via inhalation through the nose.

When using an essential oil candle or wax melts, the scents are released through the heat and through breathing in, enter our body and allow the properties of the oils to do what it does.

Amazing isn't it? You can have a gorgeous smelling candle that also has therapeutic effects and is a completely natural way to fragrance your home.

Chantal Nogbou
Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds

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