How to get the best out of your products

Did you know that there is a correct way to burn a candle or you can get a better scent throw from your reed diffuser depending on where it is placed in your home?

Read on for my best tips and care advice to make sure that you get the best out of your products!

How long should I burn a candle for?

Candles should not be lit for more than four hours or until the melt pool has reached the edge of the container. This is for safety to ensure the container doesn’t overheat and potentially crack or weaken the container.

Secondly, burning candles for longer means that the container gets hotter which in turn melts the wax quicker. Whilst you may be using all your wax, you will be reducing the burn time of the candle.

Finally, the used wick will start to get longer and curl and the flame will get larger. A large flame makes the wax melt quicker and could cause your container to become too hot. The wick could also begin to lean to one side causing an uneven burn and overheating your container. 

Why do I need to trim the candle wick?

Before you relight a candle, you should always trim the wick. This is an important step as it helps the wick burn down the centre giving an even burn. As the wick burns and extends in length it will begin to lean to one side and/or curl. If you do not trim the wick, the flame will become larger and your candle hotter. If you do not have any wick trimmers, small scissors will do the job just fine!

Why is my candle tunnelling?

There are two reasons for this. The first one is that the candle has the incorrect size wick which is too small for the size of the container. This means that the melt pool will never reach the edge and melt all the wax.

The second reason is that the candle is not being lit for long enough. If for example you only burn a candle for an hour, the melt pool will never reach the edge of the container. This will leave a wall of wax creating a tunnel down the middle of your candle. If you do this on your first burn, the candle creates a memory and will always burn like this. 

Black Pomegranate soy candle

What is the different between a wax burner and an oil burner?

The main difference between the two is that an oil burner is much smaller in height, whereas a wax burner is taller. The minimum height for a wax burner should be at least 10cm.

This means that there is a reasonable distance between the bottom of the dish and the candle flame.

An oil burner should not be used to melt wax as the burner could overheat and crack and will be a fire hazard. The wax melt will also become too hot and the fragrance will burn off too quickly also meaning that your melts will not last as long!

How long can I use a wax melt for?

This completely depends on your preference. A wax melt works by releasing scent when the wax has melted and is being gently warmed. You can keep remelting the same wax in your burner until there is no scent left or you may prefer to change your wax once the scent begins to fade. 

It is recommended not to use your tealight burner for more than four hours to ensure the burner does not overheat and which may cause damage.

How do I clean my wax burner?

The easiest way to clean your burner is when you are ready to change your wax, Light a new tea light and gently heat the hard wax. After about a minute, you should be able to slide out the wax and then wipe clean any residue.

Always be careful when touching a burner as it may beome hot.

Wax melt burner

How does a reed diffuser work?

Reed diffusers work by releasing fragrance into the air after the liquid is dispersed through the reeds. You may wish to flip the reeds every few weeks to improve the release of fragrance. Please wear gloves when touching the reeds and wash hands thoroughly.

Where should I put my reed diffuser?

Place your diffuser where there is movement of air, for example in a hallway, by the doorway in your room or in a small room.

How long will a reed diffuser last for?

Reed diffusers work well in warm conditions, however, if placed in direct sunlight this may affect how long the diffuser will last for as the liquid will evaporate. Our reed diffusers will last for up to three months.

Wax melt burner